The success of Aedifica Case Engineering’s collaborative approach lies in the individual contribution by each member of our team; that is why we do our utmost to promote the personal and professional development of our employees. We offer a productive and stimulating work environment focused on the pooling of efforts, where each person is called upon to excel in accordance with his aspirations. We are aware of the challenges of modern life and offer flexible working conditions that make life easier, both inside and outside the office. Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected in our work environment: at Ædifica Case Engineering, you are encouraged to make responsible choices for your own good and that of the group.


Aedifica Case Engineering’s culture is the product of a committed and unified team whose creative spirit blossoms in a climate of collective enthusiasm. It is nourished by the diversity of points of view and sharing of ideas among professionals from various backgrounds, in a perspective of collaboration focused on mutual enrichment. Aedifica Case Engineering naturally attracts the best candidates thanks to the scope and excellence of our achievements, as well as their innovativeness and sustainability.

We are always searching for highly qualified professionals. Please submit your resume to stl@aedifica.com.

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